National Coalition Party in Tapiola

Welcome to the Website of Tapiolan Kokoomus - the local party association of National Coalition Party in greater Tapiola area. 

Our party is based on values and ideas. We want to build a society where a person’s own choices, hopes and needs set the direction for development. We defend individual freedom and promote people’s opportunities to make choices, but without ignoring everyone’s responsibility for one’s own life, fellowmen and the environment. Our ideology combines freedom with responsibility, democracy and equality. Our basic values are education, tolerance, rewarding and caring.

Do you want to hear the whole story and know more? The national coality party association in Tapiola is among the biggest ones in Finland.  You are welcome to contact any board member of our association  in case you want to become a member in our association or need any other information.

Thank you for your interest!

fotograf: P. Kemppi-Virtanen